The Cono Line

Our CONO speakers represent a different, innovative approach in design and technology. Their extraordinary appearance and outstanding sound delivery virtually guaranty attention-getting installations and sound fidelity of the higest degree. 

CONO’s are full-range speakers for rooms, meeting rooms, office buildings, public spaces, boutiques, stores and passageways among others. They stand out for their elegant design and extreme sound dispersion. 

Due to our proprietary, cone-shaped membrane, we achive 180° sound dispersion up into the highest frequency ranges. The result is homogenous 360° sound throughout the entire listening area. Because of the extended coverage area, less speakers are required than would usually be the case with traditional speakers, with considerable savings in manhours and material

The Pro Linie

Based on the same technology as the CONO line, the NewTec Pro Line is characterized by versatility and almost unlimited applications. Imitating nature, where sound waves radiate in a circular fashion, we have managed to duplicate the same effect with our technology. Consisting of three different models, the Pro Line is able to meet the most demanding needs for extraordinary sound, even at high volumes. With housings made from DuPont Corian®, and a range of available colors, these speakers are a pleasure to look at, and listen to, in any environment.

LUX & LED versions

Sound & light integrated systems

Good light sets the right tone.

From the very beginning in our product development we were aiming to combine sound and light in a single product. Most speakers are viewed as necessary evil, to be hidden from sight. Yet, speakers that are hidden or mounted in recessed openings barely can deliver sound. A lamp, on the other hand, is an implement that definitely needs to be visible. So we strived to combine both a speaker and a lamp in a single product. The result is are the LUX and LED models of our speaker, combining advanced design and outstanding sound with modern lighting techniques. These products, in the shortest time, have made a great impact among architects and designers.

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