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Good Sound... a Gift of Nature.
...we know, we live for it!

NewTec Design:Audio offers groundbreaking solutions in the areas of architectural sound: Systems with demanding design, high quality and innovative technology. With practice oriented strategies based on a 360° sound dispersion and the symbiosis of sound & light in a single unit, our products provide professional sound solutions second to none.

Sound is present, and proper coverage necessary, in almost every public space. And not only the external appearance of the speaker is important, but also that they represent an effective solution for challenging acoustic environments. Psychoacoustics teaches us that sound is an important way to define space, and speakers should never be an afterthought but rather an integral part of architectural creations.

NewTec Design:Audio believes in sound as one of the pleasures in life. We have taken a solution-focused approach: Present us with your challenges, and we will either have a speaker solution ready or we will develop one for you.

Your NewTec Design:Audio Team

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